Distant Healing

Due to the infinite reach of the light energy with which Stephen works, distant healing is a popular alternative to or in addition with both Individual Healing and Personal Development work.

Distant Healing is continuous and will last for 30 days from the date of your booking. You have the option to select more than one month if you wish. Please put any names, if the healing is not for yourself and any specific details for Stephen in the booking notes when you order. You are welcome to e-mail in any pictures or updates during the corse of your treatment to: info@ministrymoe.org

Through distant healing we have had countless miracles with clients, including pain relief, improved relationships, shifts in consciousness, and the manifestation of positive life changes. Please bear in mind that the energy works in interesting ways; not always according to our will, but according to higher laws. We encourage a trial for a month or two to see how the process progresses for each client or booking.


Ideal for you if:

You are unable to travel immediately due to illness or constraints with work/family/money

You would like to start the healing process as a trial or before Individual healing

Clinics are too far in advance of or too far away for your requirements

For Subscriptions: No set up or cancellation fee, you can cancel yourself at any time either though My Account on this website by logging in and going to subscriptions or through your bank.

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Book Now

Ongoing Subscription:

£40 Individuals

£65 Couples

£100 Business

£125 Families

Single Month:

£50 Individuals

£80 Couples

£120 Business

£150 Families