Christmas Darshan with Stephen Turoff


Darshan with Stephen Turoff includes:

An introductory address to connect to the light within.

A light blessing: through the emanation of light with a glance or touch otherwise known as Shaktipat, each individual is seen by Stephen.

Aspects of clearance are undertaken through our various bodies, within the cellular and energetic systems allowing for connection an advancement whilst connecting to higher possibilities. Ceremony accompanied by music and followed by bread and wine.

A final meditation to be still and silent in Stephens presence in order to benefit from and integrate the experience more fully.

The Darshan can have profound effects on a karmic, energetic and spiritual levels but most importantly the integration of finer qualities into everyday life.

For each individual receiving Darshan contains different elements. It can be likened to the planting or watering of a spiritual seed, the opening or blossoming of a flower towards spiritual sunlight or the ignition of certain aspects of spirituality. Some individuals experience the burning of outdated blockages. It is an entirely individual experience with varying outcomes across many spectrums for each person.

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