Stephen Turoff

Stephen Turoff started his career as a carpenter, but had a remarkable gift for healing. As a result of his immense discipline, natural passion, and down to earth approach, the intensity of his healing power increased.​

Now, with over forty years experience, and countless documented miracles, Stephen’s healing is well-respected and sought after by people from around the world. He works with the Power of Light, to bring about health, well-being, and the raising of consciousness.​

Stephen is also a teacher of meditation and kriya yoga. He has helped thousands of individuals with their personal development, both in the UK and abroad.​

His East End charm refreshingly balances humour and common sense with profound spirituality.​ As part of Stephen’s practical spirituality, he founded Sanctus, a soup kitchen to feed the homeless in Chelmsford. A large percentage of the funds raised through Stephen’s work at the MOE are donated to Sanctus.

“…my religion is human values…”​