About Us

The M.O.E. is a charity established by Stephen Turoff in 2007: A place of sanctuary to restore in beautiful rural English countryside surroundings in Little Baddow, Essex. Healing & practices for personal development are at the heart of what we offer.
The philosophies touched upon are suitable to integrate into any chosen way of life. We share ancient proven and tested simple practices & teachings drawn from the old masters. These are for those wanting to deepen & heighten their awareness or empower themselves in living.Expanding our humanitarian work to a homeless soup kitchen in Chelmsford & free café facility, which has now been running a year, we also help to empower all areas of the community by lessening the socio-economic gap & increasing morale around us.

M.O.E. Weekend

26th to 27th April

Take time for yourself with this ashram stay hosted by Stephen Turoff. Come just for the day or make the most of the beautiful rural surroundings by taking some days. With foundations of teaching from the old masters, and a current realistic take on life, these workshops are practical & fun. Your potential awaits.

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M.O.E. Weekend

Thorough, relaxing but extensive weekend with Stephen Turoff. Includes Pranayamas, Meditation, Sound work & Gayatri Mantra. These ancient techniques are offered in a way to suit current lifestyle choices & varying belief systems. Presented through common sense teachings & practical down to earth methods whether as a one off or ongoing programme Stephen’s insight, guidance, experience & energy field enhances individual progression & evolvement.

Circle of Light

16th March, 27th April, 29th June

Stephen Turoff is renowned for his ability to bring down the light. In this healing light circle the potential for progression on many levels is enhanced.

The benefits & healing potential of this light have been experienced by hundreds of thousands throughout the world.

This opportunity for development and to take further new capacities with light work are up to you. Feel free to book for the B&B, Dinner or healing to make the most of our lovely place.

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Circle of Light